Justinian I, AD 527 to 546. AE 16 nummi

Ancient Coins - Justinian I, AD 527 to 546.  AE 16 nummi
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Denomination : Bronze 16 nummi.  Mint : Thessalonica.

Size : 20.8 x 26.8 mm.  Weight : 6.24 grams.

Reference : Sear-175.

Grade : gVF with minor roughness and weakness on the reverse.

Obverse : Head of Justinian I right with DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVG around.

Reverse : AISR with a cross above the I and a tiny S to the left of the base of the I, but both the cross and S are very faint and not clear on the image.  The mint mark TES is below.

In this case the demomination mark is the IS, which is actually the Greek letters Iota Dogma, with Iota standing for 10 and dogma 6, so 16 nummi.   I have no yet worked out what the A P stand for, but wonder if A is for ANNO and P for 100, suggesting these might have been struck on the 100th anniversary of some special event.

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