Judaea. Roman Procurators. Antonius Felix, AD 54. AE 17.

Ancient Coins - Judaea. Roman Procurators. Antonius Felix, AD 54. AE 17.
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Antonius Felix was the Roman Procurator of Judaea under Claudius.  This particular issue is interesting because the obverse inscription names Nero as Caesar under Claudius, and the reverse inscription names Britannicus.  Unforunatly most of the Britannicus inscription is off the flan.

Denomination : AE 17, probably a Prutah

Date : issued in AD 54.

Reference : Sear Greek Imperial - 5626.

Size : 14.9 x 16.3 mm.  Weight : 2.32 grams.

Grade : Fine, slightly off center,with a very dark green patina highlighted by earthy deposits.

Obverse : Crossed shields and spears with NERW KLAU KAICAR around but only the last part of the inscription is on the flan.

Reverse : Palm tree, with the date mark L ID flanking (indicating year 14 of Claudius which is AD 54), with BRIT above (short of the Greek form of BRITANNICUS) but all you can see of the BPIT is the tips of the bottom of a couple of letters.

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