Judaea. Blank flan for an ancient Jewish coin.

Ancient Coins - Judaea. Blank flan for an ancient Jewish coin.
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This example came to me in an uncleaned lot of ancient Jewish coins, most of the Herodian era.  The form is consistent with other known blank flans that have been found in Judaean hoards and I have no doubt that this is a blank flan from that time and place.

However, the slightly low weight and ragged edges which are sharper than seen on normal Jewish coins of that time, are consistent with contemporary counterfeits of such coins (made at that time to spend), and I suspect this is a ancient forgers flan.

Size : 12.3 x 13.8 mm.  Weight : 0.80 grams.

The two ends show signs of sprews breaks, and one side has a raised ridge down the middle.  These show that this flan was manufactured in an open mold where the flans were chained togeather to be broken a part before striking, which is the known method of flan production for the ancient Judaean coins of that period.

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