Italy, Verona. Fredrick II, 1218 to 1250, billon denaro.

Ancient Coins - Italy, Verona. Fredrick II, 1218 to 1250, billon denaro.
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We have a group of these available at this time, with those illustrated being very typical of the group.  All are fairly nice coins.  The price is per coin.

Denomination : Billon Denaro or Piccolo

: Issued by Friedrick II, ca. AD 1218 to 1250.

Reference : Thompson #1940, Biaggi 2970.

Size : average about 13 mm, scyphate.  Weight : 0.33 grams.

Grade : VF toned.

Obverse : Long cross with a circle ove it, withVERONA outside of the circle and between the arms of the cross. Some of the letters in VERONA are ligate.   The obverse is on the covex side.

Reverse : Long cross with a circle on it. with a very crude inscription around.  Various listings for the coin read the inscription differently, but are usually some variation on  on  CI VI CI VF with the F at the end backwards (retrograde).  The reverse is on the concave side.

On the large coins of of Frederick II there are two rings of inscription and the inscriptions on these coins are the same as seen inner rings on those coins.

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