Indo-Skythian. Spalohores with Spalagadames

Ancient Coins - Indo-Skythian.  Spalohores with Spalagadames
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This coin was stuck with Spalohores as heir apparent to Spalagadames in about 75 to 76 BC.

Denomination : Bronze hemiobol.  Mint : Kandahar.

Size : 21.8 x 22.5 mm square.  Weight : 8.29 grams.

Reference Mitchiner Ancient - 2165. Senior-69.2.

Grade : gVF with a medium to dark brown patina, and good surfaces. A nice example of this type on a large flan with nearly full inscriptions.

Obverse : The king mounted on a horse walking right, with CPALYPIOC DIKAIOY ADELFOY TOY BASILEWS around (all but a few letters are clear).

Reverse : Hercules seated on rocks, holding club and lion's skin, with a Karosthi inscription around naming Spalagadames, with the mint mark for Kanadaha by his knee.

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