India, Mauryan Empire. Punch mark silver. 321 to 187 BC.

Ancient Coins - India, Mauryan Empire. Punch mark silver. 321 to 187 BC.
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Denomination : Silver karshapana.

Size : 14.7 x 15.2 ;mm.  Weight : 3.03 grams.

Grade : F, reverse encrusted

Reference : Ma-4195

Obverse : Several punch marks, that probably identified the King and mint, and were individually punch into the coin, probably before it was trimmed to proper weight.  It is normal on these for most or all the marks to be fragmentary (running off the edge) and specimens with all marks fully on the coin probably do not exist on the Mauryan series.

Reverse : Uncertain punch mark (the same one visible on the reverse of MA-4195), partially covered by encrustations.

Mitchiner, in his series ORIENTAL COINS AND THEIR VALUES, attributes this particular set of marks as #4195 or 4196 and dates it to the time of Samprati from 216 to 207 BC). Most experts in this field do not accept his attributions and feel that currently we simply do not know which kings issued which sets of punches, so can only date them to the general Mauryan period.

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