INDIA, Amirs of Multan. 9th to 10th century AD. Silver Damma.

Ancient Coins - INDIA, Amirs of Multan. 9th to 10th century AD. Silver Damma.
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Multan was a region in Northern India.  The Amirs of Multan were Islamic rulers who ruled from about the 9th to 10th century AD, with their Kingdom ending with the Fatimid conquest of the region.  Little is known about these coins, and they have not yet been properly researched or published, although work is being done on this and they will probably in the next update to Steven Albums Islamic Coin checklist.  While they probably have the names of rulers on them, at this time no one has published any information on how assign any particular example to one ruler or another, although that may change in the future.

Denomination : Billon damma.  Date : ca. 9th to 10th century AD.

Size : Average 11 mm mm.  Weight : Average about 0.45 grams. (these are fairly small coins).

Reference : no reference available, but we are told that at some time this will become #1509 in Steve Albums Islamic coin check list.

Grade : average F to VF for.

Obverse : Three dots with a Brahmi inscription around.

Reverse : Brahmi inscription.

While the inscriptions are in a local Brahmi script, these are considered to be Islamic coins.

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