Hungary. Bela III , AD 1172 to 1196. Bronze Follis.

Ancient Coins - Hungary. Bela III , AD 1172 to 1196. Bronze Follis.
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There is some debate over who issued these coins. Some references attribute them to Stephen IV between AD 1162 and 1163, in which case the Bela seated by sides him has to be Bela II,who died in 1141.  Other references attribute these to Bela III between AD 1172 to 1196, in which case the Stephen beside him has to be Stephen IV who died in 1162.  Huszar attributes them to Bela III, so we are using that attribution.

Denomination : Bronze Follis.

Size : 26.8 x 27.3 mm.   Weight : 3.19 grams.

These coins are usually scyphate (dished) but his specimen is nearly flat with just a slight wave on the flan.  It does not appear to have been flattened from a scyphate shape, but it might have been.

Grade : VF, some encrustations and could use a professional cleaning.

Reference : Huszar-72 (as Bela III).  Rethy-Probst #98-100

Obverse : Madona seated forward, hold a sword like sceptre, with SANCTA MARIA around.

Reverse : Two kings enthroned, with REX BELA REX STS around.

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