Hadrian, AD 117 to 138, Copper As.

Ancient Coins - Hadrian, AD 117 to 138, Copper As.
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Denomination : Copper As (or dupondius).  Mint : Rome.

Date : issued AD 134 to 138..

Reference : RIC II (old), #818.

Size : 25.5 x 26.1 mm.  Weight : 11.41 grams.

Grade : XF but the reverse is slightly rough and part of the reverse inscription is off the flan.

Obverse : Bare head of Hadrian right, with HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P around.  

Reverse : Liberty standing slightly left, holding a pileus and sceptre, with LIBERTAS PVBLICA around, and S C flanking.

There is still debate over if these coins are actually As or laureate dupondii.  The weight is closer to that expected for a dupondius, but where the patination is worn on the high points this coin appears to be copper as one would expect on an As.  I believe this is an As.

Parts of the inscriptions are not struck up, and the coin has a over all slight softness to it.  RIC dates this type to AD 134 to 138, but it clearly commemorates Hadrian's visit to Egypt in AD 130, and was probably issued at that time.

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