Hadrian, AD 117 to 137, Silver Cistophorus.

Ancient Coins - Hadrian, AD 117 to 137, Silver Cistophorus.
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Denomination : Silver Cistophorus (3 denarii).  Mint : Laodicea

Date : AD 129 to 132.

Reference : Sear-3441, Metcalf-56, RSC-275. RIC II #497. M-282.

Size : 25.7 x 26.5 mm.  Weight : 10.72 grams.

Grade : VF, over struck on an earlier type with parts of a group of wheat ears from the under type clearly visible (see note  below).

Obverse : Head of Hadrian right with HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS P P around.

Reverse : Jupiter standing left, holding a sceptre and eagle, with COS III around.

All Hadrian cistophoric tetradrachms are over struck on cistophorii.  The parts of the six wheat ears visible on the reverse are from an Augustus cistophorus struck at Ephesus between 25 and 20 BC.  A similar type was struck at Pergamom but with a slightly different configuration of the wheat ears (curved across the base, rather than straight). 

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