Germany, Saxony. Silver Spitzgroschen. DATED 1477.

World Coins - Germany, Saxony.  Silver Spitzgroschen.  DATED 1477.
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Struck under Ernst, Albrecht and Wilhelm III.  This is an example of a European pre-1501 dated coin.

Denomination : Silver Spitzgroschen (1/2 Groschen).

Date : 1477, written on the coin as simply LL, which are an early form of the modern 7.  See the inset image for the date oriented straight up and down.

Size : 20.3 x 20.8 mm.  Weight : 1.49 grams.

Reference : Frey 178.

Grade : aVF/gF with a very slight bend (wave) in the flan.  Weak letters along one side, and there are some encrustations that probably should be removed.  The date is clear.

Obverse : Shield of Saxony with E W A D G DVCES SX TV LA MS around.

Reverse : Arms in trilobate circle, with GROSSVS NOVVS MARTINIS LL around (the letter forms on MARTINIS are strange and it is difficult to read or be certain that is what it says, but that is what the references list it as).

I have listed the obverse and reverse position the way most German auctions do, but Frey lists the dated side as the obverse.

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