Germany, Saxony. Silver half groschen DATED 1492.

World Coins - Germany, Saxony.  Silver half groschen DATED 1492.
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Struck under Frederick, Albert and Johann.  This is an example of a European pre-1501 dated coin.

Denomination : Silver half groschen.

Date : 1492, written on the coin as simply 92.  See the inset image for the date oriented straight up and down.  The dates is a little easier to read on the coin, than on the image.

Size : 23.8 x 24.6 mm. Weight : 2.09 grams.

Reference : Gotz-3925, Frey 383.

Grade : VF for wear, but weak areas in the strike.  The date is slightly weak but can be read.

Obverse : Shield with the lion and arms of Landsberg, in a tri-lobate circle, with GROSSVS NOVVS DCVM SAXODI 92 around.

Reverse : Shield of Chur-Sachsen, with F A H DO DVCS SAX TV LA MA MIS around.

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