Germanicus. Copper As struck under Claudius.

Ancient Coins - Germanicus. Copper As struck under Claudius.
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Denomination : Copper As.   Mint : Rome.

Date : Issued in AD 42 by Claudius.

Reference : Sear-1905.

Size : 27.6 x 29.0 mm.  Weight : 9.45 grams.

Grade : VF with a brown patina.  Porosity but not un-attractive.

Obverse : Head of Germanicus right, with GERMANICVS CAESAR TI AVG F DIVI AVG N around.

Reverse : S C with TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P IMP P P around (the first part of the inscription is not visible).

Germanicus was the brother of Claudius and father of Caligula.  He died in AD 19 and all coins in his name were issued long after his death, by either Caligula, or as in this case, Claudius.

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