Gallienus, AD 253 to 268. Bronze Antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Gallienus, AD 253 to 268. Bronze Antoninianus
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Denomination : Billon Antoninianus.  Mint : Rome

Date : AD 265 to 267.

Size : 18.0 x 20.8 mm.  Weight : 3.87 grams.

Reference : Sear-10368.  Gobl-583a. This variety appears to be missing from RIC, but appears to be an accidental omission rather than a rarity. The closest reference I can find is RIC V, pt. 1, page 156, #287, where it is listed as a type for Rome mint but without a the E control mark in the right field.  A coin with the identical reverse type, including the E in the right field, is listed for Saloninia on page 194, #29, as Rome mint.

Grade :  XF with a glossy very dark brown patina.

Obverse : Radiate head of Gallienus right, with GALLIENVS AVG around.

Reverse : Uberitas standing left holding a purse (which Sear feels might be a cows udder) and cornucopiae, with VBERITAS AVG around, with the officia mark E in the right field (E is the 5th officina). 

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