French Feudal. Auxerre. Anonymous denier. 10th century.

World Coins - French Feudal. Auxerre.  Anonymous denier.  10th century.
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Denomination: Billon denier
Mint: Auxerre.
Date: Some references list it as an 11th century type, but examples were in the Fecamp hoard (Facamp 6678) were buried before AD 980, showing the correct dating is 10th century prior to AD 980.  This is one of the earliest French Feudal issues.
Reference: Fecamp 6678.  B. 1731; P.A. 5882
Size: 22.8 x 23.9 mm.  Weight: 1.28 grams.
Grade: VF, nicely toned, but there is a tiny chip on the edge.
Obverse: Four armed cross with AVTSIOCERCI around (or similar as the CE appear to be retrograde on most specimens and are weak on this one).
Reverse: For armed small cross with three pellets above.
Provenance: ex. Gordon Singer with his original tag included.  
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