France. Louis XII, AD 1498 to 1514. Gold Ecu.

World Coins - France. Louis XII, AD 1498 to 1514. Gold Ecu.
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French Royal Series.

Denomination : Ecu d'or au soleil.  Mint : Bayonne.

Date : Not Dated, but this issue starts in 1498.

Reference : Dup. 647

Size : 24.6 x 26.5 mm.  Weight : 3.44 grams.

Grade : VF with a slightly wavy flan.  At first glance you would think this coin was slightly clipped, but 3.44 grams is nearly exactly what this should weight if un-clipped (many of them are below that).  It is more likely the flan over weight, and clipped to bring the weight down to the correct weight, before the coin was struck.

Obverse : Shield with three fleurs, and a sun above, with LVODVICVS DEI GRA FRANCORVM REX around, with a crescent crown and anchor between the ends of the inscription.

Reverse : Cross fleur�e with central pellet in quadrilobe, with XPC VINCIT XPS REGNAT XPC INPERAT around.

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