Finno-Ugrian bronze Fibula. ca. 900 to 1100 AD.

Ancient Coins - Finno-Ugrian bronze Fibula.  ca. 900 to 1100 AD.
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Cultural Group : The Finno-Ugrian linguistic group occupied an emense region, from Finland across to the Black Sea region, as far south as Hungary.  They were a woodland and marshland people, with their main region in Russia, with a heavy population around Lake Ladoga on the Finnish - Russian boarder. This particular object is reported to have been found near Lake Ladoga.

There are some seller of these who sell them as Viking artifacts, but while they are of that age and have artistic similarity to some Viking artifacts, the Finno-Ugrian are were not Vikings, and infact were enemies of the Vikings.

Date : These type of brooches were made between about 900 and 1100 AD.

Object : Fibula, which is a type of brooch used for holding clothing togeather.

Material : cast bronze.

Size : 62.1 mm long, by 37.2 mm wide across the widest part of the base.

Weight : 15.89 grams.

Decoration : Raised triangular areas composed of dots.

Condition : Intact with original pin, but when it came to me it had active bronze disease and there are minor areas of corrosion.   I have given it an initial treatment and it currently appears to be stable in our dry Calgary environment, but there is a danger that if moved to a humid region the bronze disease may re-appear and need additional treatment.    It has been priced accordingly.

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