English, Henry II, AD 1154 to 1189. Silver tealby penny

Ancient Coins - English, Henry II, AD 1154 to 1189. Silver tealby penny
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Denomination : Silver Penny.  Mint and Moneyer : London but uncertain moneyer.

Date : Uncertain class, so could be anywhere between AD 1154 and 1180.

: Spink-1337 to 1342 variety (I have not been able to determine which).

Size : 17.3 x 18.2 mm square.  Weight : 1.445 grams.

Grade : VF for weak, but a very weak partial strike as is not at all unusual on these  Tealby type pennies.

Obverse : 3/4 facing bust of Henry II, with HENRI REX A  (or similar) around, but the only part of the inscription visible is the H and part of the E of HENRI.

Reverse : Large cross potent with small cosses with just a few letters of the inscription visible.  What I see clearly is LV preceeded either an I, N or M, and followed by what is most likely an N.    This combination can only be part of the  LVN as part of the name of the London mint (LVNDENE or some variation there of).    Unfortunately the I, N or M that preceeds the mint name could be part of nearly half the moneyers who minted there, so sort out which it is is probably not possibly beyond doing a die study.


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