English, Edward III, AD 1327 to 1377. Silver groat.

Ancient Coins - English, Edward III, AD 1327 to 1377. Silver groat.
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Denomination : Silver Groat.  Mint : London.

Date : 4th coinage, pre-treaty issue (1351 to 1361) using initial mark cross 2 (mint mark 3) used in AD 1354 and 1355.

Reference : Spink-1567, class E.

Size : 26.9 x 28.8 mm.  Weight : 4.49 grams.

Grade : VF, nicely toned, the flan has a major flaw in the form of surface crack on the obverse (clearly visible on the image) which suggest this coin was slightly bent and then straightened at some point.  Some weakness in the inscriptions.

Obverse : Head of Edward III forward, with EDWAR D G ANGL Z FRANC D HYB around (the N's look like double I's with no cross bar).

Reverse : Long cross with two circles of inscriptions.  The inner circle reads CIVITAS LONDON.  The outer circle reads POSVI DEVM ADIVTOREM MEV (meaning I HAVE MADE GOD MY HELPER).

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