Elymaids. Unknown Prince C. early 3rd century AD. Bronze drachm.

Ancient Coins - Elymaids. Unknown Prince "C". early 3rd century AD. Bronze drachm.
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Elam was a parthian vassel state in the Persian gulf region, with it's capital at Susa. The coin is from the Unknown Prince "C" who was one of several kings of this period who's names are not recorded to history.

Denomination : AE drachm.

Size : 12.6 x 15.0 mm. Weight : 2.58 grams.

Grade : gVF but the reverse is a little off-center.

Reference : Mitchiner ancient #724

Obverse : Bust of the King facing.

Reverse : Bust of Artemis-Tyche left, with an anchor symbol to the right.

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