Elis. Silver Drachm, ca. 245 to 210 BC.

Ancient Coins - Elis. Silver Drachm, ca. 245 to 210 BC.
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Elis was a town in the Peloponnese near Olympia, and which controled the Olympic games held every four years.

Denomination : Silver drachm.

Date : 245 to 210 BC.

Size : 16.5 x 18.2 mm.  Weight : 3.92 grams (very light for this issue, as I will discuss below).

Reference : S-2899.  Schwabecker-1939 group II.

Grade : VF / VG (the reverse is very rough).

Obverse : Eagle flying right, carrying a rabbit.

Reverse : Thunderbolt with F and A to the sides.

The FA is short for FALEION, which means OF THE PEOPLE OF ELIS in a Greek dialect local to that region.

Most coins in this series are between 4.55 and 4.9 grams.  This particular specimen is only 3.71 grams, which is well below anything one would expect in this series by at least 0.84 grams.  When the coin came to me it had much more horn silver on the reverse, which I have partially removed.  The metal below the horn silver was rough, which means the silver in the silver chloride came the coin itself so removing it meant loss of weight (on many coins it is a deposit from an outside source and  so removing it leaves good metal with no weight loose to the original coin).   This would explain the low weight.

The following list of other specimens that have appeared on the market, struck from the same obverse die, and some the same reverse die as well, all in the normal weight range, demonstrate that it does belong to a series of official coins.

Gorney and Mosch on March 17, 2008 Auction 165 lot 1274 shared both obverse and reverse dies, 4.71 grams.

CNG on May 22, 2002 Mail bid 60 lot 573 sale obverse and reverse dies, 4.72 grams.

Kunker on March 16, 2007 on their auction 124 lot 7978, same obverse but different reverse die, 4.65 grams.

Gorney and Mosch on March 17, 2008 Auction 156 lot 1329 shared same obverse, different reverse die, 4.81 grams.

Gorney and Mosch on March 17, 2008 Auction 156 lot 1398 shared same obverse, different reverse die, 4.62 grams.

Lanz on May 22, 2006 Auction 128 lot 125 shared same obverse, different reverse die,  4.55 grams.

I believe that all of the coins struck with a different reverse die than this specimen, to share a common reverse with with each other.

As such, I see no reason to believe this particular coin is anything other than a genuine ancient coin with signficant loss of weight due to corrosion to the reverse.

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