Divo Trajan. Antoninianus struck by Trajan Decius.

Ancient Coins - Divo Trajan.  Antoninianus struck by Trajan Decius.
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Divo Trajan.  Struck by Trajan Decius.

Denomination : Silver Antoninianus.  

Date : Struck by Trajan Decius ca. AD 249 to 251.

Size : 20.3 x 22.2 mm   Weight : 4.05 grams.
Reference : Sear (old) - 1029

Grade :  VF but the reverse struck from a slightly worn die.

Obverse : Radiate head of Trajan right, with DIVO TRAIANO around.

Reverse : Eagle standing forward with head right and wings spread, with CONSECRATIO around.

Trajan Decius struck a series of antoninianii commemorating earlier Emperors, but why his did so, and how he chose which ones he would commemorate, appears to be a mystery.  Most coins in this series are found with weak reverses, as on this specimen.

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