Didius Julianus, AD 193. Silver denarius

Ancient Coins - Didius Julianus, AD 193. Silver denarius
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Didius Julianus, March 28 to June 2, AD 193.

Denomination : Silver denarius. Mint : Rome.

Reference : Sear-6072

Size : 17.0 x 17.5 mm. Weight : 2.36 grams.

Grade :  VF and well centred for the issue.

Obverse : Head of Didius Julianus right, with IMP CAES M DID IVLIAN AVG around (the first few letters are weak but can be clearly read).

Reverse : Concordia standing slightly left holding two standards, with CONCORD MILIT around.

The wieght of 2.36 grams is slightly light, but not unusual for this series of civil war coins. 
Unlike the coins of Pertinax and Niger, the denarii of Didius Julianus have not shown up in large numbers in the Balkan hoards, and remain very scarce.

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