Danubian Celtic, silver drachm imitating Philip III

Ancient Coins - Danubian Celtic, silver drachm imitating Philip III
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This type is imitative of the drachms of the Macedonian King Philip III.

Date : ca. 3rd to 2nd century BC.

Denomination : Silver drachm.

Reference : Kelten im Osten #939.

Size : 16.3 x 17.5 mm Weight : 2.63 grams.

Grade : VF for wear, but the metal is a little grainy and there are two lines on Herakles' cheek that appear to be scraches (but may actually be planchet flaws). Still more attractive than these usually are.

Obverse : Head of Herakles with considerable detail for this series.

Reverse : Zeus seated left, holding an eagle, with a monogram below his hand, and with a crude Greek inscription to the right which is based on the name of Philip.

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