Crusaders at Antioch. Denier in name of Bohemond.

Ancient Coins - Crusaders at Antioch.  Denier in name of Bohemond.
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Crusaders in Antioch.  Bohemond III or IV, AD 1163 to 1216.

Denomination : Silver denier. Mint : Antioch.

Reference : COINS OF THE CRUSADER STATES - many varieties listed on pages 213 to 220, and I have not tried to figure out which variety this is.

Size : 16.4 x 17.2 mm. Weight : 1.05 grams.

Grade :  VF

: Knights head in chain mail left, with a star behind and a crescent in front, with BOAHVNDVS around.

Reverse : Short cross with a crescent in the upper right, all within a circle, with ANTIOCHIA around.

I personally have never been confortable with attempts to attribute specific varieties of this coinage to either Bohemond III or IV, and prefer to just attribute them to that general period.

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