Crusader imitation of an Ayyubid silver dirhem of Al-Salih Isma'il. DATED AD 1253.

Ancient Coins - Crusader imitation of an Ayyubid silver dirhem of Al-Salih Isma'il. DATED AD 1253.
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This coin imitates the silver dirhems of the Ayyubid caliph Al-Salih Isma'il, of the Damascus mint, but is dated in the Christian Calander after his death.

Denomination : Silver dirhem.

Mint and Date : This coin is marked for the "Dimashq" mint although it only imitates that as the Crusaders did not have a mint there.   The actual mint at which this type was struck is uncertain, it was probably Acre (a very closely related dated coin name's the Acre mint).

DATE : After the Vatican got very upset with the Crusaders for imiating these coins including the Arabic dates and naming Muhammad, they briefly switched to dating them in the Christian (AD) calander.  The date occures in the marginal inscriptions  in arabic words, and on this coin is written "ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDERED, THREE AND FIFTY for 1253.  However, this coin is on a slightly small flan and only one of the numbers is visible with is the THREE although that is enough to confirm it is a Christian dated coin of 1253.  That is also the only year for which a date is seen on this particular type (other types exist for 1251).

Reference : CCS page 136 #9.  The prototype coin was Album - 849.2.

Size : 18.7 x 21.0 mm.  Weight : 2.35 grams.

Grade : XF for wear, slighty small flan with typica weak areas.

Obverse and Reverse : Arabic inscriptions naming caliph Al-Salih Isma'il and given the mint as Damascus and the date as 1253.

The attribution to this type was done by Steven Album, from whom I bought this example.

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