Constantius II, AD 337-361. AE 3.

Ancient Coins - Constantius II, AD 337-361. AE 3.
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Denomination : AE 3. Mint : Siscia, 2nd officina.

Date : Issued AD 355 to 361.

: 17.6 x 18.5 mm.  Weight : 2.34 grams.

Reference : Sear-4010.

Grade :  gVF.

Obverse : Head of Constantius II right, with DN CONSTANTIVS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Helmeted soldier standing left, holding a shield and about to spear a fallen horseman, with FEL TEMP REPARATIO around, and BSISZ below (Siscia, 2nd officina).  The B is weakly struck, but present.  The first S in the mint mark is not clear on the image, but is fairly clear on the coin.

On this coin the officina mark is the B (2nd) at the beginning of the mint mark, and the Z is just a sequence mark at the end of the mint mark (on coins from mints farther east the Z would be for 7th officina, but the B would not appear on such coins).

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