Constantius Gallus, AD 351-354. AE Centenionalis

Ancient Coins - Constantius Gallus, AD 351-354. AE Centenionalis
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Denomination : AE Centenionalis.

Size : 21.3 x 23.0 mm.  Weight : 4.93 grams.

Reference : Sear-4054.

Grade :  aXF but slightly rough and mint mark not visible.

Obverse : Head of Constantius Gallus right, with DN FL CL CONSTANTIUS NOB CAES around.

Reverse : Helmeted soldier standing left, holding a shield and about to spear a fallen horseman, with FEL TEMP REPARATIO around.  There is a 'Gamma' in the upper left field, and a 'delta' officina mark, which shows this coin to be from an eastern mint, but the full mint mark cannot be read due to rough metal in that position.

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