Cleopatra VII. 37 to 36 BC, Damascus bronze.

Ancient Coins - Cleopatra VII.  37 to 36 BC, Damascus bronze.
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Cleopatra VII

Denomination : 25 mm bronze. Mint : Damascus. Date : 37 to 36 BC.

Size : 26.7 x 27.4 mm  Weight : 11.37 grams. Reference : PRC-4781

Grade :  gF/VG  (the portrait is nicer than the image suggests).

Obverse : Head of Cleopatra right.

Reverse : Tyche seated left on a rock, with her hand outstretched and holding a cornucopiae.  There is a river god below the right. There is an inscription naming Damascus to the right, and a date mark for year 276 to the left, but these inscriptions are only visible by fragments.

Cleopatra struck coins at Damascus after the territory was given to her by Mark Antony.  The date of year 276 is in the Seleukid era.  Coins of this type are normally found very worn, and this an fairly decent specimen of the type (and better than the image suggests).

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