Claudius. AD 41 to 54. Imitative sestertius countermarked DV.

Ancient Coins - Claudius.  AD 41 to 54.  Imitative sestertius countermarked DV.
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Denomination : AE sestertius (but countermarked DV to revalued to Dupondius).

Mint : Uncertain probably un-official local mint.

Date : The official coin of tyis type was issued in AD 42, but this could have been made any time for many years after that.

Reference : The official coins of this type are Sear-1853. I am told that the countermark can be referenced as Martini 2-1372, but I do not have the book to check.

Size : 29.5 x 30.4 mm.  Weight : 13.15 grams.

Grade : VF/Fine with the weakness on the upper right of the reverse caused during countermarking.

Obverse : Head of Claudius left, with traces of lettering around, which were probably nothing more than un-intelligable lines when the coin was struck.  There is a DV countermark on the neck.

Reverse : Spes standing left holding a flower, and like the obverse there are just traces of lettering that was probably just un-intelligable lines when the coin was struck.

It is thought that the DV countermark stands for DUPONDIUS, and was applied to these types of coins when they were of the correct weight that denomination.

During the later years of Claudius, and the first part of Nero's reign, very little if any imperial bronze coinage was struck, probably creating a shortage of smaller denomination coins for circulation.  Large numbers of these "un-official" Claudius bronzes were struck during that perod, most likely to fill that void.  That they were later allowed to continue circulating, although at a reduced denomination, suggests they might have had some type of local semi-official status when minted.

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