China, Zhou Dynasty or later. Ant-Nose money. Jun type.

Ancient Coins - China, Zhou Dynasty or later. Ant-Nose money. Jun type.
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Date : ca. 300 BC is a generally accepted period for ant-nose money.  This type is some scarce, and was probably made for a much shorter time than the Bei type, but one on knows the dating or very the sequence of the different types. It is likely these pre-date 300 BC but may have been used for some time after that.

Denomination : Bronze 'ANT NOSE' money of uncertain denomination denomination, but possible equal to 1 cowrie shell. 

Reference : Hartill 1.12.

Size : 18.5 x 10.2 mm.  Weight : 1.35 grams.

Grade : Fine but slightly crusty and the edges are slight rough due to corrosion.

Obverse : The reading of the obverse inscription is questionable, but as discussed by Hartill "Jun".  The meaning is by no means certain.

Reverse : blank.

This is the third most common of the seven related types, although it is much scarcer than the two commonest types.  This series of coins evolves from the cowrey shell and it's imitations.  They tend to be found south of the Yellow River in the State of Chu territory (Warring states period).

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