China, Zhou Dynasty. Carved bone Cowry imitation.

Ancient Coins - China, Zhou Dynasty. Carved bone Cowry imitation.
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Date : probably Zhou Dynasty and possibly earlier (probably prior to 300 BC, and could be as early as 1200 BC).

Actual cowry shells were used as a form of currency in China at least as early as the Shang Dynasty before 1100 BC, and may have still been in use as late as the time of Wang Mang (AD 7 to 22) because they are on his list of currency items that had to be turned in for his forced token currencies.  It is not 100% certain during what period carved cowry imitations were used, but they probably pre-date the ant-nose bronze coins that also imitate cowry shells, from about 300 BC during the Zhou Dynasty.

This particular specimen is carved from a dense bone, and has very distinctive markings on the top that imitate the underside of an actual cowry shell, and the back side is carved flat with two holes (now filled with sediment) drilled, that approxiate the way true money cowry shells were broken in the back to allow them to be strung.

Size : 26.1 x 17.9 mm  Weight : 2.34 grams.

Grade : intact and lightly mineralized.  It has taken on a slight green-grey color, which happens when they buried in contact with corroding bronze objects.

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