China, Hsin Dynasty (Interregnum of Wang Mang) AD 7-23. S-176

Ancient Coins - China, Hsin Dynasty (Interregnum of Wang Mang) AD 7-23. S-176
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Denomination : Bronze Pu-ch'uan.

Date : Wang Mang ruled between the two Han Dynasties from AD 7 to 23, but the Pu-Ch'uan coinage was struck during his 5th coinage reform introduced in 14 AD and lasting until the end of his reign in AD 23.

Reference : Schjoth-176.

Size : 26.5 x 27.4 mm.  Weight : 3.68 grams.

Grade : XF with an attractive dark green patina.

Obverse : "Pu-ch'uan".  With two tiny lines extending at 45 degrees either side of the top corners of hole.

Reverse : blank.

The edges of this coin are un-finished, which is slightly odd for this issue (but one does seem them like this from time to time).  As a result, one can clearly see the mold line and two ragged areas of sprew removal points, which are usually not visible on the finished edge examples of this type.

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