China Amulet, probably 19th century.

Ancient Coins - China Amulet, probably 19th century.
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This is not a coin, but rather an amulet which is more like a good luck charm than a coin.

Date : The style of this amulet is 18th to 19th century, but the casting quality suggests a date in the 19th century.

Reference : I have not found a reference for obverse, but the reverse type is as Mitchiner (non-islamic) #4106.

Grade : Fine but mostly due to crude casting.

Size : 43.9 mm.  Weight : 18.86 grams.

Obverse : Uncertain Chinese inscription (Mitchiner's #4106 had a similar look but different inscription relating to taking the palace exams, but I do not know if this inscription is related to that one).

Reverse : Wen hing, patron of literature, standing on a sea sepent and pointing at stars, with an inscription to the left that translates as "THE STAR OF LITERATURE, SHINING ON HIGH".

价格 品种: vcoin4106
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利率: 03/22/19

发货从: Canada