China Amulet, probably 18th to19th century.

Ancient Coins - China Amulet, probably 18th to19th century.
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This is not a coin, but rather an amulet which is more like a good luck charm than a coin.

Date : The style of this amulet is 18th to 19th century, but it has considerable patination and may be a little earlier than that.

Reference : I have not found a reference for this type yet. 

Grade : Fine.

Size : 44.8 mm.  Weight : 31.55 grams.

Obverse : "yi pin dang chao, zhuang yuan ji di", which mean "May you be an official of the first degree at the imperial court", "May you be the first rank at the examination forthe Hanlin Academy".  Thank you to Gary Ashkenazy for providing this reading. 

Reverse : Stork standing left before chrysanthemums.  The stork is a symbol of long life, and the chrysanthemums are a symbol of a life of ease and retirement.  Over all, this means "may have have a long an easy life".

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