China. Zhou Dynasty Ming style knife money. ca. 300 BC.

Ancient Coins - China.  Zhou Dynasty Ming style knife money.  ca. 300 BC.
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This type of knife money is often known as "ming" knifes because that is a old reading of the "eye" like character they all share in common on one side.  The true reading of this character is currently uncertain and there are a number of theories.

Denomination : "ming" type knife money.

Date : These are normally dated to the later Zhou Dynasty, ca 300 BC, but many have been made as early as 400 BC and as lage as the Chin Dynasty ca. 220 BC.

Mint : These are found across a wide part of China and as far away as Korea and Japan.  The mint or mints at which  there were actually made is not known with any degree of certainty. 

Reference :  This appears to be a variation on Hartill 4.42 variety 4eb.  Schjoth type 51+.

Size : 132 mm long x 17.5  mm wide across the tip.  Weight : 16.60 gram.

Grade : VF with a mid to dark greem patina, with characters that are somewhat clearer on the coin than they are on the image.

Obverse : The character commonly translated as "MING".

Reverse : Hartill reads this as "you yi er".

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