Carolingian, Louis the Pious. AD 814 to 840. Silver denier.

Ancient Coins - Carolingian, Louis the Pious. AD 814 to 840. Silver denier.
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Louis the Pious was as son of Charlemane.

Denomination : Silver denier.

Mint : This part of the series do not have mint marks, so cannot be attributed to specific mints with certainty, but based on certain elements of the style it was probably Pavia in Italy.

Date : Class 3, issued between AD 822 and 840.

Size : 20.0 x 20.4 mm.  Weight : 1.73 grams.

Reference : MEC vol 1, # 800 and 802 are the closest matchs but it is not the same as any of those there (no two dies were exactly the same).  The inscriptions are more like 800 but without the dots by the temple (which is more like 802).

Grade : gVF

Obverse : Small cross HIVDOVVICVS IMP around.

Reverse : Temple, with XPSTIANA RELIGIO around.

Although these coins do not bare a mint name, the attribution to Italy is fairly certain and the exact mint of Parvia is based on the letter forms that match earlier coins from that mint. The other mint that could have struck this type is Milan, but this coin lacks the pellets in the letters that Milan coin usually have and thus Pavia is more likely.

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