Carausius, AD 286 to 293. AE antoninianus.

Ancient Coins - Carausius, AD 286 to 293. AE antoninianus.
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Denomination : AE antoninianus.  Mint : London
Size : 21.8 x 24.1 mm.  Weight : 3.32 grams.

Reference :Sear 3562 variety.

Grade :  VF with a very dark brown patina.  Reverse a little off-centre and the surfaces just slightly rough.
Obverse : Head of Carausius right, with IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG around.
Reverse : Pax standing left holding a branch and sceptre, with PAX AVG around, and the mint mark M L below.  Just the very top of the ML mint mark is visible, but enough to tell that is the mint mark.  I see nothing to suggest there were every any officina marks in the reverse fields on this specimen.
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