Canyon Diablo meteorite. 33.0 grams.

Ancient Coins - Canyon Diablo meteorite. 33.0 grams.
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Name : Canyon Diablo

Type : Nickle-Iron course octahedrite.

Size : 45.4 x 22.9 x 13.3 mm.

Weight : 33.0 grams.

Location: Coconino County, Arizona, east of Flagstaff, Arizona. Latitude 35 degrees 3 minutes North, Longitude 111 degrees 2 minutes West.

The carter created by this meteorite can still be seen today about 40 miles east of Flagstaff Arizona, and is about 600 feet deep and half a mile across.  Estimates about the original size of the meteorite that impacted vary considerably, but something in the range of 65,000 tons is most likely.  Much of the mass probably vaporized on impact, but several thousand ton's of fragments have been found within several miles of the crater.

It is estimated that the impact occured somewhere between 20 and 40 thousand years ago.
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