Byzantine. Heraclius. ca. AD 610-641

Ancient Coins - Byzantine. Heraclius. ca. AD 610-641
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Heraclius with Heraclius Constantine, AD 613 to 641.

Denomination : Bronze Follis. Mint : Cyzicus, 2nd officina.

Date : year-4 (AD 613-614)

Reference : Sear-840.

Size : 27.8 x 32.0 mm.    Weight : 10.35 grams.

Grade :  Vg/Fine slightly rough

Obverse : Heraclius and his son Heraclius Constantine standing forward with NN hERFACLIUS ET hRA CONST PP AV around (the inscription is fragmentary).  

Reverse : A large denomination mark 'M' with a small cross above, flanked by ANNO (year) on the left and the Roman number mark II II (in two lines) for year-4 on the right, with the officina mark B between the legs of the M, and the mint mark KYZ below (although the mint mark is not fully struck up). 

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