Byzantine. Alexius III, AD 1195 TO 1203.

Ancient Coins - Byzantine. Alexius III, AD 1195 TO 1203.
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Denomination : Billon aspron trachy. Mint : Constantinople.

Reference : Sear-2012.

Size : 25.8 x 28.8 mm scyphate.  Weight : 2.09 grams.

Grade :  VG/gF with a significant flan split.

Obverse : Bust of Christ facing, with initials naming him to the sides (but the obverse is very weak as us normal for this type).

Reverse : Alexius and St. Constantine standing forward, with inscriptions naming Alexius to the sides.  The reverse is actually fairly nice for one of these, with a significant part of the inscription (part of Alexius' name) on the left side..

As is normal for a scyphate, the obverse is weak and the inscriptions are fragmentary. 

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