Byzantine / Roman, Anastasius. AD 492 to 518. Gold solidus.

Ancient Coins - Byzantine / Roman,  Anastasius. AD 492 to 518. Gold solidus.
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Although there is no clear definition of where Roman ends and Byzantine begins, Anastasius is often considered to be the last Roman Emperor and the first Byzantine Emperor.  This has meaning in numismatics because the large bronze follis Anastasius issued part way through his reign are considered to be the first Byzantine coins.

Denomination: Gold solidus.  Mint : Constantinople, 6th officina.

Size : 19.0 x 19.7 mm.  Weight : 4.31 grams.

Reference : Sear Byzantine - 3, Sear Roman 4408

Grade : XF, there  has been minor clipping along the edge just above the portrait, which is why the weight is 0.14 grams towards the lighter side (although still wit in the acceptable range for these).

Obverse : Head of Anastasius 3/4 facing, withh a spear over his shoulder, with DN ANASTASIVS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Victory standing left holding a long cross, with a star in the middle right field, with VICTORIA AVGGG around, followed by the officina mark Z, with CONOB below.

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