British/Gaul. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 75 to 50 BC. billon stater.

Ancient Coins - British/Gaul. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 75 to 50 BC. billon stater.
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Tribal origin : The Coriosolite were a Celtic tribe of N. W. Gaul, which moved to the Channel Islands at about the time of Julius Caesar's invasion of Gaul.  These coins were minted in Gaul but are normally found on the Channel Islands.

Denomination : Billon stater.  Date : ca.57 to 56 BC.

Size : 19.4 x 22.0 mm.  Weight : 6.46 grams.

Reference : Seaby Greek - 110.  Spink British - 17 (class V.  Hooker series X group #C #9).

Grade : gVF for wear but because of weak areas can only be called a good Fine over all. Dark brown with some light green highlights.

Obverse : Crude head right.

Reverse : Very stylized man headed horse right, with a lyre symbol below.  The rein ends are in a cross form, which is what diffentiates this from the very similar class VI. 

Most coins of this type were struck by the Coriosolites in N. W. Gaul and taken to the Channel Islands when the people fled the Gallic invasion by Julius Caesar.  It is possible these continued to be struck on the Channel Islands for some time after that.

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