British/Gaul. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 56 BC. Billon stater.

Ancient Coins - British/Gaul. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 56 BC.  Billon stater.
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Tribal origin : The Coriosolite were a Celtic tribe of N. W. Gaul, which moved to the Channel Islands at about the time of Julius Caesar's invasion of Gaul.  These coins were minted in Gaul but are normally found on the Channel Islands.

Date : The Corriosolite coinage was probably issued in 57 BC to fund a response to Julius Caesar's invastion of their territory.

: Billon stater.

Size : 22.0 x 23.9 mm  Weight : 6.69 grams.

Reference : Seaby Greek - 110.  Spink British - 18 variety (class 5 B).  The class 5 is slightly scarcer than most other types, and the 5 B is very scarce subgroup. In the Hooker classification system this coin is a new discovery which is technically Hooker Series X group B as defined by the lack of a curle on the reigns, but with an early group C style driver.  I showed it to John Hooker and he believes it is unplublished with these features and was not represented in the 12,000 coin Jersey 9 hoard of 1935.

Grade : XF for wear, typical slightly crude style and slightly grainy metal.

Obverse : Crude head right.

Reverse : Very stylized horse right, with a large cross in front.

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