British/Gaul, Celtc. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 56 BC. Billon stater.

Ancient Coins - British/Gaul, Celtc. Coriosolite (Armorican). ca. 56 BC. Billon stater.
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Tribal origin : The Coriosolite were a Celtic tribe of N. W. Gaul, which moved to the Channel Islands at about the time of Julius Caesar's invasion of Gaul.  These coins were minted in Gaul but are normally found on the Channel Islands.

Date : The Corriosolite coinage was probably issued in 57 BC to fund a response to Julius Caesar's invastion of their territory.

: Billon stater.

Size : 20.9 x 23.7 mm  Weight : 5.49 grams.

Reference : Seaby Greek - 110.  Spink British - 18 variety (class 5 B).  The class 5 is slightly scarcer than most other types, and the 5 B is very scarce subgroup. In the Hooker classification system this Series X group B.

Grade : VF but quit a bit of the reverse is not struck on the flan. Test cut on the reverse.

Obverse : Crude head right.

Reverse : Very stylized horse right, with a large cross in front.

The test cut is interesting because this is a series of coins normally not found with such test cuts with the one exception.  In 1957 the Le Catillon hoard (Jersey 11) found on the Island of Jersey which contained 3000 coins including 2279 states of which 28% had test cuts.  This coin is likely from that hoard.

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