Britain, Anglo-Saxon. Cnut, AD 1016 to 1035. Silver penny.

Ancient Coins - Britain, Anglo-Saxon. Cnut, AD 1016 to 1035. Silver penny.
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Cnut was a Swedish born viking, son of Swein Forkbeard.  He invaded England in 1014 but was driven out by the forces of Aethelred II.  He returned in 1015, and eventually defeated Aethelred's son, Edmund Ironsides, and in 1016 declared himself King.  In 1017 he married Emma of Normandy, the widow of Aethelred II, which consolidated his position as rightful King.

Denomination : Silver Penny.

Mint : Lincoln.  Moneyer : Leofwine

Date : short cross type, issued between AD 1029 and 1035.

Reference : Seaby-1159, North-790.

Size : 17.3 x 17.6 mm.  Weight : 0.84 grams.

This coin is near the low end of the weight range for a Cnut penny, but it shows no evidence of clipping and there are many examples in coinarchives between 0.8 and 0.9 grams.

Grade : gVF for wear, but struck from slightly worn dies.

Obverse : Diademed head of Cnut left, with a sceptre in front, with CNUT REX around.

Reverse : Short cross voided with a central pellet inside of an annulet, with LEOFPII O LINC around.  The P is a runic for of W and the II is probably a ligate IN).

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