Bambyce in Cyrrhestica. ca. 332 BC. Silver Didrachm. RARE TYPE.

Ancient Coins - Bambyce  in Cyrrhestica.  ca. 332 BC.  Silver Didrachm. RARE TYPE.
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Denomination : Silver stater.  Mint : Bambyce (renamed much later to Hierapolis).

Date : ca. 342 to 333 BC.

Reference : Mildenberg, "A note on the coinage of Hierapolis Bambyce," Travaux Le Rider, 7 (this coin) . 

Size : 20.6 X 22.5 mm.  Weight : 7.89 grams.

Grade : gVF for wear, but the metal is somewhat crystalline.

Provenance : ex : Lanz Auction 125 (Nov. 28, 2005) lot #485.  ex : Giessener M�nzhandlung, Oct. 11, 1993, Auction 64, No. 207.  ex : Darcy Phelan collection.

Value :  Once the buyers premium is included, this coin sold for about 1050 Euro's on the 2005 auction, which is currently about $1500 US.  A closely related coin, somewhat nicer but with a test cut,  sold about the same time on the Triton VII lot 519, for $2500 + the buyers premium.  We feel the current market value for this coin should be somewhere about half way between the two figures, so have priced it accordingly. 

Obverse : Draped bust of the goddess Atargatis with a conical hat, and an aramaic inscription that translates to "Tr'th".

Reverse : Male figure with his hand raised, in the back of a biga being driven left.  Some references list the male figure as a "high priest" but David Sear (Greek coins) #5845 on a closely related coin describes him as the Persian King, which is very likely the correct description. 

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