Bactria. Stamenes as Satrap of Babylon. ca. 328 to 323 BC. Silver didrachm.

Ancient Coins - Bactria. Stamenes as Satrap of Babylon.  ca. 328 to 323 BC.  Silver didrachm.
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Denomination : Silver didrachm.

Date : ca. 328 BC, Alexander appointed Stamenes as Governor of Babylon, which included rule over Bactria.  Little appears to be known about him, other than he probably died of natural causes ca. 323 BC.

Probable area of minting : Coins of this type are very similar to those minted in Bactria under Sophytes, and so there are assumed to have also been minted in Bactria.

Size : 16.5 x 18.8 mm.   Weight : 7.75 grams.

Reference : I have not yet found an exact reference to this type.  A very similar coin attributed to Stamenes, but without his monogram, can be referenced as Mitchiner I, Typ 24; SNG ANS 6.   

Grade : VF but weakly struck on the owl.  The color is a good silver color, and only appears more grey on the image.

Obverse : Head of Athena right, with the Stamenes inscription behind the neck.  

On some of the tetradrachms of Stamenes his name of given in a more complete form, but on this smaller drachm it is abbreviated.  What is ther is an early Greek  S drawn retrograde, followed by an also early Greek form  A with a small upright on the end that probably turns it into an monogram TA, making the inscription STA for Stamenes.  See Sear Greek, volume II, page VII for a chart that gives various early Greek letter forms where this form of the S and A are listed.

Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig and crescent over its shoulder, with AQE to the right.

Rarity : All coins of Stamenes are rare.  So far I have not found another example of a didrachm with a Stamenes inscription on it (that is usually only seen on his tetradrachms), so I believe this didrachm with an inscription is of the highest rarity.

Provenance : ex Darcy Phalen collection.  ex CNG electronic auction 115, lot 180 (incorrectly attributed to Sophytes). 

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