Ayyubid. Saladin, AD 1160 to 1193. Silver Dirhem.

Ancient Coins - Ayyubid. Saladin, AD 1160 to 1193. Silver Dirhem.
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Salah al din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, is more commonly known as Saladin and famous as the foe of Richard the Lion Heart during the crusades.   Although this is an Islamic coin, we have also listed it in under the Crusader section because he played such an important roll in those events.

Denomination : Silver Dirhem.

Date and Mint : Hamah, AH 585 (AD 1189).

Reference : Album #787.2.  MI 811-13 variety.

Size : 21.9 x 22.3 mm  Weight : 2.91 grams.

Grade : VF.  A little bright from cleaning on one side, and minor encrustation on the other.  Over all a nice strike and could be improved with a little additional cleaning and then being allowed to re-one over time.

Obverse and Reverse : Arabic inscriptions.

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