Athens, ca 449 to 413 period. Silver hemi-obol.

Ancient Coins - Athens, ca 449 to 413 period.  Silver hemi-obol.
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Denomination : Silver obol.

Date : the style of the eye is consistent with the 449 to 413 period, although on these fractions I am not certain the style stylistic rules can be applied in the way they are on the tetradrachms, and these may date slightly later.

Size : 6.9 x 7.9 mm (a very small coin). Weight : 0.35 grams.

Reference : Svornos plate 13, #42 to 43.

Grade : VF/gVF.  The metal is actually pretty good on the coin, and only looks rough on the image because it is such an enlargement of such a small coin.

Obverse : Head of Athena right.  Much of the crest is present.

Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig over its shoulder, with a AQE to the right (the E is off the flan).

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